Week 4: February 2 - 8

This week we will discuss creating and using teacher-produced video for instruction and how to assess students' learning with exercises and quizzes, including online sources. We will also explore creating screencasts, including video tutorials, and some of the various software and online programs. We will search for online screencasts, as well, and discuss vodcasting (videoblogging).


  1. Explore and then practice with at least one of the screencast software suggested below or by the group.
  2. Browse videos at TeacherTube or YouTube or other video sharing sites to find a screencast that is applicable to ESL/EFL or technology/computer/video skills you teach or want to learn about. You may also choose to create your own screencast. Send the link (URL) for the video/screencast in a message to the Yahoo! Group and comment on what you find useful or what you liked AND tell about the screencasting software you explored, whether or not you would recommend it, and one way you would use it (for what kind of screencast).
  3. Continue to work on your final project. Don't hesitate to email the group or moderators with any questions you have or for assistance with any difficulties you may experience. When you have completed the project, set up your personal page. Click Adding your personal page for instructions. Your personal page is where you will embed your video project (after uploading to a video hosting site). Then link your personal page on Links to Personal Pages.
  4. Respond to the forum questions in a message to the Yahoo group.


Screencasting software/programs
Commercial software: Adobe Captivate and TechSmith Camtasia both offer free trial downloads
Comparable free programs: CamStudio, Screencast-O-Matic, ScreenToaster, Jing Project, Wink,


How have you used or how would you use video you produced in your instruction? Explain. What are the challenges? How would you use screencasting? How can instructors measure the effectiveness of using the instructional videos they produce? Have you vodcast? If so, explain any difficulties or challenges you experienced. How could videoblogging benefit language students?


I have . . .
  • explored screencasting programs and online screencasts
  • finalized my video project
  • written to our YG with my comments about a screencast found online and with my responses to the forum questions