Week 3 January 26 - February 2

This week we will discuss pre-production of video projects, covering some the technology-related issues, including overview of equipment, editing programs, audio, script writing, and storyboarding.

We will begin work on the final project of this session -- a short instructor-produced or student-produced video. In preparation for this project, we will discuss project ideas for language courses and integrating the project into the course including follow-up activities.

We will also have guest speaker Russell Stannard, Principal Lecturer at the University of Westminster, discuss his working in developing Teacher Training Videos and Multimedia Training Videos (Saturday, January 31, 18:00 - 19:00 GMT -- for your local date and time see http://tinyurl.com/russell-stannard ). Under "Resources" on the navigation bar at the left, click the link Sign in Elluminate for further instructions and information on signing into Elluminate.

It may be helpful to see sample video projects. Visit the EVO Video Archives or see the following:


First, write a brief proposal for the project that includes the following:

  • what you intend to do for this project
  • lessons or activities will lead up to the project
  • post-project follow-up lessons or activities.

Compose an email message to the Yahoo! Group that lists the details of the proposal (in bulleted form, preferably) for your project. Provide feedback to fellow partipants by commenting on two or three proposals. You may choose to collaborate with another participant on this assignment.

Then begin working on the project:
  • Create a short (3 - 5 minutes) instructional video or a student video project.
  • Before the end of week 5 (Feb. 15), upload the video to a video-sharing site and then embed the video to your Personal Page on this wiki

Forum (write to our YG email list)

Any problems with creating the video? What video editing programs do you/have you used? What are the challenges of video editing you have experienced or that you can anticipate?


I have . . .
  • written to our YG about my project proposal
  • provided feedback to others by replying to two or three other participants' project proposals
  • written to our YG responding to the forum questions
  • begun working on my final project assignment