Week 2: January 19 - 25

This week we will share ideas about how to use pre-existing video, integrating video, and student video projects (using online Web 2.0/freeware, other) for teaching and learning. Also, we will share lesson plans or activities that use online video or a video clip from another source or film.

We will also have guest speaker Roger Drury of Georgia Tech discuss student video projects, such as documentary films, Phrasal Verb Video Dictionary, and others on his home page (Saturday, Jan. 24 at 18:00-19:00 GMT -- see http://tinyurl.com/roger-drury for your local date and time). Under "Resources" on the navigation bar at the left, click the link Sign in Elluminate for further instructions and information on signing into Elluminate.

Here is a lesson plan Learning about Other Cultures through Documentary Films developed by Cora Chen
(based on two films produced by Nicolas Gromik.)

There is also a Workshop space in our session wiki for participants’ collaboration on videos+lesson plans. We encourage participants to post their ideas for video projects to this workshop space, and this can help develop these ideas into "ready-to-use" lesson plans that all would be permitted to use and distribute freely. We hope that perhaps we could have ten or twenty such participant produced videos+lesson plans completed by the end of our session.


More lesson plans:


1. View some of the additional lesson plans suggested above and/or those listed on the Workshop page.
2. Explore some Web 2.0 tools that employ video. For a list, see Web 2.0 Tools for Video (please contribute sites you recommend to the list). Choose one to review. In a message to the YG, tell the name, URL, what it is, what it does, how you have used it or would use it for video projects. If possible, comment on the pros and cons of the site.
3. Share a lesson plan or activity that uses online video or a video clip from another source or film on the Workshop page. Describe what you like about the lesson plan/activity and how/why it is an effective use of video in an email to the YG.

Forum (write to our YG elist)

What are the pros/cons of using pre-existing video in language instruction; mash-ups and copyright issues; what problems do you anticipate in using pre-existing video? How does a teacher find good video online?


I have . . .

  • viewed some of the lesson plans suggested on this page
  • shared a lesson plan or activity that uses online video or a video clip with the group and/or an idea for using a specific Web 2.0 tool for a video project
  • written to our YG about ideas for using video/video projects in teaching and learning languages