Welcome to EVO Video 09, a session of the Electronic Village Online, a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section!

Week 1: Getting Started

During this week we will get to know a little about each other and our respective teaching situations. We hope there will be a lot of cross-overs and sharing of resources during the session, and your brief intros will help us get a start. Put your short bio on our Introductions page in this wiki. Be sure to include your students' level.

Find your way around our Yahoo Group and this wiki by completing the assignments below. These are the two most important meeting grounds for us, but we will be scheduling some live chat meetings for hands-on help, too.

This week we will have guest speaker Naomi Migliacci, former chair of the VDMIS of TESOL, of Educators for Social Responsibility, Cambridge, MA, and Assistant Professor of Special Ed/Reading, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT, USA (Jan. 17, 18:00 - 19:00 GMT (for your local date and time, see http://tinyurl.com/Naomi-Migliacci).

Please note: In order to participate in the guest visits each week, you will first need to join the Learning Times community (LT) http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes . Do this well in advance of the visits (one day ahead of time, for example). Under "Resources" on the navigation bar at the left, click the link Sign in Elluminate for further instructions and information on signing into Elluminate for the guest visits.


  1. Put your short bio on the Introductions page here in our wiki. See the home page of this wiki for instructions on adding/editing content.
  2. Video introduction (link to it from our wiki Introductions page and give a shout on the elist when it's up). Your topic can be yourself, your school, your classroom, the courses you teach, the area where you live, or a favorite place. For a list of sites to which you can upload your video, see Video Hosting Sites.
  3. Reply to the forum questions in a message on the Yahoo! group.

Forum (write to our YG elist)

How you are currently using or have you used video in the past (include your teaching setting/level of student)? What advantages/disadvantages have you found in using video?


I have ...

  • Set my email preferences in the EVOVideo09 Yahoo Group
  • Joined the EVOVideo09 wiki
  • Responded to the forum questions in a message to the Yahoo Group
  • Put a picture and short bio on the Introductions page
  • Created a short video introduction and linked it from my bio