To-Do List

Moderators: Please check off and initial any tasks you complete in order to save time and duplication of tasks. Also feel free to revise/edit task list.

We should erase the done stuff after Dec 1 and create a new list for the interim period--we still need to get some guest speakers and decide on chat times/locations, eh?

Just a note--be careful not to add an extra http to URLs--the default is a wiki page; you have to click the radio button to insert an external link.

Date completed
by (initials)
1. Finalize Syllabus
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6
11/17 -- ONLY on syllabus -- weeks 3 - 6 wiki pages still need to be fleshed out -- see syllabus and then please everyone -- check over!!

I filled out Week 6, but it may need some additions? I think it should be mostly a discussion of the projects--no one will get them in on time. -- EHS

I added a link to the Exercise Creator page I created to Week 4. --- CC

Weeks 4 - 5 -- can someone help me with the formatting? I got frustrated and gave up! -- kr

checked all--EHS
2. Add link to wiki on YG
3. Add link to YG on wiki
Bottom of page 1 -- done
4. Add directions on how to add a personal page on wiki
I think it's too long to have all the individual pages in the sidebar, so I made a page for links to personal pages--this also makes it easier to find the pages of everyone--just scan the links.
11/11 - done - See the sidebar - Also created a page to add links to personal pages, and an example page.
5. Copy directions on how to add a personal page on wiki in files of YG
Maybe we should just link to the page here in the wiki instead? Done 11/11
6. Add directions on how to add text self introduction, photo, and self intro video to Introductions page of wiki (upload to a video sharing site and embed html code) -- Week 1 activities
This could be copied from Adding a personal page? Or direct them to that page?
7. Copy directions from task #6 into files of YG
Do we need to do this? -- kr

8. Add wiki pages for each week of session
Nov 10, 2008
Added a Pre-session page--clarifies dates and when we start.
I added a page for Exercise Creators
I added a page for accessing Elluminate

9. Moderator(s) responsible for each week add content to weekly wiki page
Weeks 3 - 6 still need work! -- looking mostly done, except Week 6 is weak? Is it OK?

See task 1 comment -- yes -- probably many will still be finishing final project. Early finishers can comment on each other's work as late projects trickle in. -- kr

10. All moderators review/edit weekly wiki pages
see above -- everyone please check over when #9 above is complete -- need to add mods names to each week?

not sure if we need mods' names on each week b/c we're all going to reply to YG messages, right? -- kr

11. Welcome letter must go in a file in the YG to be sent to pending members
a. letter for prior to Jan 1
b. letter for after Jan 1 for joining members, explaining the YG and wiki and with the invitation key to the wiki
a. Pending letter done

12. Fix up YG - needs revision just before we open -- and calendar entries
Did some --ehs -
Calendar with reminders done. Let's not put a calendar on our wiki Frontpage?
okie-dokey! --kr
13. Needs assessment?
did we use one in the past years? if so, can we retrieve and re-use it? -- kr

14. Final evaluation? Or just use the one EVO does generically?
use the generic one (if that's what was done in the past -- my suggestion -kr)
OK by me - ehs
Done! unless Ryan, Cora, Nellie disagree
15. I tinkered with our session page at the Mods-Profiles wiki to be sure it matched our evo09 wiki. Needs a double-check by someone. 11/19 - EHS
Anyone? Help....**

16. ADD your personal page!
KR added (no content yet -- coming soon)

Note: for items #2 - 5, we may save time by referring to past sessions (cut and paste):
2009 YG: http:/
EVO Video 2008 Wiki
EVO Video 2008 YG:
EVO Video 2007 Wiki:
EVO Video 2007 YG: