The Yahoo Group we will use for our email list will not open until January 2nd. The EVO sessions do not begin until Jan 12. Meantime, you can complete several important tasks between now and then.

To Get Started

You will probably want to set your YG email to Daily Digest: Sign in to our YG online and click the >Edit Membership link next to your name at the top left of the page.

JOIN this wiki so that you can add to/edit pages as well as view them passively. The invitation key word has been sent to you in your welcome letter, but you need to register with Wikispaces and sign in to use the editor. Feel free to write us if you have any problems.

We also have an archive from previous EVO Video sessions with numerous links to good tools and resources. Please feel free to add to this archive--share your wealth of knowledge!

Explore the vlog sites mentioned in the assignment for Week 1 and select one for your video introduction. This session is a time to experiment, so you might want to try several.