Proposal for EVO Video 09

1. Title: Video Projects for EFL/ESL

2. Abstract:
This session will help teachers of EFL/ESL develop lesson plans for video projects to use with their students of various levels. It will give teachers a chance to try out ideas and share problems, resources, and successes in using video. Participants will need a video camera (or digital photo camera with video capacity) and some familiarity with easy-to-use, free video editing tools. Some technical help will be available, but the focus will be on pedagogy and lesson development rather than the technical aspects.

3. Target Audience/Sponsor: Video and Digital Media IS (sponsors of our EVO sessions for the past 3 years); video-using teachers of languages

4. Week-by-Week Outline:

Week 1: (ALL)
Topics: Introductions, Session info
Assignment: Video introduction (post by end of week 1): create a short video about who you are and describe how you use video with students. You may want to use your Webcam and work live, or you can film and edit yourself. Sites for production and editing will be suggested (e.g., BlogCheese and Jumpcut).
Forum discussion: How you are currently or have in the past used video

Week 2: (Kristi and Cora)
Topics: Using Pre-existing video, Integrating Video, and Student Video Projects (using online Web 2.0/freeware, other)
Assignment: Share a lesson plan or activity that uses online video or a video clip from another source or film.
Forum: What are the pros/cons of using pre-existing video in language instruction; mash-ups and copyright issues; what problems do you anticipate in using pre-existing video? How does a teacher find good video online?
Synchronous Chat TBA this week or next.

Week 3: (Ryan -- tech-related stuff, Kristi and Cora project ideas)
Topics: Pre-production (overview of equipment, editing programs, audio, script writing, storyboarding) and video project ideas for language courses
Assignment: The final project will be the submission of either a short instructor-produced or student-produced video project. Submit a brief proposal this week of what you intend to do for this project, including what lessons or activities will lead up to the project and any ideas that you have for post-project folow-up lessons or activities.
Forum: What video editing programs do you/have you used? What are the challenges of video editing you have experienced or that you can anticipate?

Week 4:
(Cora and Kristi, plus possible guest to discuss Camstudio)
Topics: Teacher-produced video for instruction and creating exercises/quizzes; screencasting/vodcasting using free versions of the costly Captivate/Camtasia software, such as Camstudio or Sketchcast
Assignment: Work on final project.
Forum: How have you used or how would you use video you produced in your instruction? Explain. What are the challenges? How can instructors measure effectiveness of using instructional videos they produce? How can instructors evaluate students?
Synchronous chat TBA

Week 5: (
Ryan, Kristi, and Cora)
Topics: Student-produced video projects (integrating the project while addressing course outcomes, managing the projects, assigning roles, evaluating projects/using rubrics, etc.)
Assignment: Work on final project; submit project by posting a link to an archive such as the Internet Archive, JumpCut, Odeo, etc.
Forum: What are the pros and cons of student video projects? What are some ideas you have for managing the projects? What are some ideas you have for evaluating student learning outcomes? Problems in creating video projects?
Synchronous Chat TBA

Week 6: (ALL)
Topics: Final Project; session evaluation
Final project submission (either a short instructor-produced or student-produced video project).
Complete session evaluation for the EVO Coordinating Team.
Forum: Issues related to publishing, copyright, online video sharing; session evaluation.

5. Communications media:

Wiki: (syllabus, documentation, etc.)
Yahoo Group: (to be created) for discussion forum
Wiki: to hold links and to archive final projects
Video editing software (free): Mac - iMovie; PC - Window Movie Maker 2
Online video editing software: JumpCut
Online screencasting software: CamStudio, Sketchcast, et al.
Live chat: WizIQ or Learning Times or similar platform

6. Biographical Statements

Ryan Detwiler - A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara (BA) and the Academy of Art University (MFA), Ryan works as a Producer for CompareNetworks Production Group in Encinitas, CA, where he lives with his wife and two children. Prior to working for CNPG, Ryan developed and produced Short Takes Interactive , a video-based language learning program for ESL students.

Kristi Reyes - ESL instructor at MiraCosta College, Oceanside, CA. A graduate of Northern Arizona University (M.A., TESL). Kristi has taught all levels of adult ESL in a variety of programs in the San Diego area for more than 10 years. She previously was a volunteer teacher trainer in the U.S. Peace Corps (Tonga). She is currently a technology mentor and teaches online technology workshops for instructors and writes a monthly articles on Web 2.0 tools for OTAN. She participated in the 2007 and 2008 EVO Video sessions.
ESL Digital Storytelling Blog
Vocational ESL Blog
ESL Buffet (Resources for Teachers)

Cora Chen - an ESL instructor at City College of San Francisco. Cora has taught both ESL and Chinese courses at City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. She received her master’s degree in English from San Francisco State University.
As a curriculum developer for the KQED Education Network, Cora has developed ESOL lessons on a variety of topics based on KQED/PBS television productions, and these lesson plans have been published by KQED Education Network online and in booklets.
In 2006 and 2007, Cora was invited to be a co-moderator for the successful EVO sessions “Becoming a Webhead.” She participated in the EVO video session in 2008.
Cora's ESL page:

Nellie (Muller) Deutsch - Passionate about learning and instruction, experienced educator and TESOL facilitator (33 years), PAIRS moderator (5 years); editor of Etni Rag, an online journal for TESOL in Israel, innovator with work published in Once Upon a School, conducted face-to-face workshops in community centers and male prisons, facilitating BL sessions in secondary schools since the mid 90s, e-teacher using WiZiQ, doctoral student at the University of Phoenix online researching blended learning and instructor use of technology in higher education, expert in: e-learning, e-teaching, live online conferencing rooms, Moodle, WebQuests, wikis, social networking and learning (ning and facebook), marriage enrichment, and virtual classrooms. I am currently the CEO of Wikieducator (see my profile). My family is scattered throughout Canada with parents living in Toronto and daughters living in BC and in Ontario. I live with my husband and son in Israel.

Personal websites:
Nellie's English Projects
Integrating Technology: Exploring New Domains (Moodle)
Building Relationships (Moodle)

Blended Learning and Instruction
Nellie Deutsch
Nellie's English Projects

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith - Formerly director of the TESOL Program at CSUS, I took early retirement to pursue a career in educational computing. I was lead designer for the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive and consultant on the Live Action English CD. With Joy Egbert, I co-edited CALL Environments (TESOL, 1999), and edited Technology-enhanced Learning Environments, (TESOL 2000), writing chapters for both volumes. I've been part of the Coordinating Team for the Electronic Village Online for the past 5 years.
Ed tech blog:
Video archives wiki:

7. Commitment

Ryan and Elizabeth have conducted several successful session for EVO and will participate in the moderator training in October-November.
Cora was a co-moderator for the BAW EVO session in 2006 and 2007, and will participate in the moderator training in October-November.
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