Class pages:

VESL Blog (included here is the video project of mock job interviews and the winning team, and I especially like the career digital story by a student who was our scholarship winner, transitioned to credit college courses, and now is opening her own floral design company)
ESL Level 5 Blog (here is the ever-so-time-consuming video project "Speaking with the Stars" pre and post videos and the winning team)
ESL Level 5 Wiki 1 (nothing much here with video because we were working on a paragraph writing assessment pilot)
ESL Level 5 Wiki 2 (current class started 1/12/09 -- here I had students introduce themselves on webcam the first week -- I wasn't there; my aide did the videotaping -- didn't turn out really well, as you can see on the student pages. I need to think of a post/follow-up video activity -- any suggestions?)
VESL Podcast (again, nothing much with video here, but you can upload videos or do webcam captures with podomatic -- something I'll experiment with later...)
VESL Wiki (current class started 1/12/09 -- here students used Glogster to make "About Me" multi-media scrapbook pages to introduce themselves on the class wiki -- some of the "glogs" include videos of students)
ESL Digital Storytelling Blog (a course that took a year of my blood, sweat, and tears to develop -- we haven't used video in the past because 1. we have to use MovieMaker, which often freezes up with video and images mixed in the storboard and 2. we didn't have videocams for the students to use, but now we do. Any suggestions?)