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Ryan Detwiler
Hi All,

I'll be co-moderating the EVO Video session with Kristi Reyes, Cora Chen, and Elizabeth Hanson-Smith.

After traveling and teaching ESL for a few years, I went back to school for an MFA in Motion Pictures/Television at the AAU in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to team up with writers Natasha Haugnes and Beth Maher (and a small team of designers) to develop Short Takes Interactive. In my last semesters at the AAU I took a couple php classes to learn how to make a "quiz builder" to add to I continue to add updates whenever possible (whenever i get the code right! Ha!) These days I work as a producer of multimedia for CompareNetworks Inc -- parent company of,,, and

I'm very happy to be part of EVO again, and to be co-moderating with such an awesome team.

Cora Chen
I'm an ESL instructor at City College of San Francisco. I received my master’s degree in English from San Francisco State University. As a curriculum developer for the KQED Education Network, I have developed ESOL lessons on a variety of topics based on KQED/PBS television productions, and these lesson plans have been published by KQED Education Network online and in booklets. I am honored to have the chance to co-moderate for the EVO Video 2009 session with such a wonderful team.

Cora's ESL page:
Here is the video I created to document my students' learning experiences at the California Academy of Sciences:
Kristi Reyes
I am a graduate of the TESL program at Northern Arizona University, USA (M.A.,'97). I have taught English as a Second Language in Southern California for more than 10 years. Currently I teach adults (general ESL, Vocational ESL, and Digital Storytelling) in the noncredit ESL program at MiraCosta College in Oceanside. Before that, I was a teacher trainer for the U.S. Peace Corps in Tonga.

I write a monthly article on Web 2.0 tools for use in adult education and moderate online workshops for OTAN. I am a technology-integration enthusiast, and while I enjoy using it in my daily instruction, even more exciting for me is putting the technology into the hands of students and seeing the amazing projects they are able to produce.
My Intro Video

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

CSU, Sacramento and Command Performance
Language Institute
Formerly director of the TESOL Program at CSUS, I took early retirement to pursue a career in educational computing. I was lead designer for the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive and consultant on the Live Action English CD. With Joy Egbert, I co-edited CALL Environments (TESOL, 1999), and edited Technology-enhanced Learning Environments, (TESOL 2000), writing chapters for both volumes. I've been part of the Coordinating Team for the Electronic Village Online for the past 5 years.
Ed tech blog:
Video archives wiki:

Giuliana (Julie) Perco
Duke University
Durham, NC (USA)

I'm originally from Trieste, a quite windy town in North-Eastern Italy. I have, however, been living in the United States, off and on, for about twelve years. I am logging on now from North Carolina, where I teach Italian at Duke University.

I have a PhD in Comparative Literature and have been teaching literature, cultural studies, and Italian language courses full-time at three different universities in the States for the past six years. From 2002 to 2004, I also taught a couple of comparative literature courses offered entirely online, for the New School University in New York.

I have worked and am familiar with several Web 2.0 tools (blogs, Virtual environments, etc) and have been implementing the use of technology into my teaching for several years.

I am the coordinator for intermediate and advanced intermediate Italian courses at my institution and, at the moment, I am exploring ways to implement video assignments into teaching. I've got a grant from my university to do this.

Last semester students in these courses were asked to produce a video showing their (re)interpretations of aspects of Italian culture discussed in class, but most of the results were disappointing (I can discuss more about this in the forum), so I'm here to learn more creative ways to use video as class assignment.

I must add that I plan to be mostly an auditor in this seminar, since I have little time (our semester started already last week!), alas!

PS: Sorry, I do not have a picture to post right now :(

    • Holly Dilatush

    • [Charlottesville VA, USA]
Hello all! I've been teaching adult ESOL/EFL for over nine years now, nearly fulltime and sporadically (part time) for years before that. Presently, I'm a fulltime graduate student (Master's in Adult Education and Training) with University of Phoenix Online (should graduate this July), and doing private adult ESOL tutoring . Next week I will open/begin leading a course that I'm very excited about.
I'm anticipating that this EVO will help me with the class, and that I'll have projects to contribute/share with the wiki.
I also produce a storytelling show on TV (very amateur!)
I will try to post a video later this week.
Looking forward to all of your introductions and contributions!,
"delight, demonstrate, disentangle" (my mantra for 2009)
hollydilatush = Twitter ID
smilin7 = Skype ID
Here are a few attempts:
Mirian Alvarez
Adults and adolescent school B. A.

Hello, everybody:

I'm Mirian Alvarez from BuenosAires.
I teach English to students of different ages.
I'm currently doing a research woek on ICT tools for a post-graduate course, at University. I try to include digital devices to
record my students in class. I use blogs and wikis to promote collaborative
This is the blog which I update from
time to time:
My video at Photobucket. (A school show at the
end of last year).¤t=6f5b8488.pbr
Mark Mayo
Grad Student: TIL (Spanish)
and Certificate in TESOL;
California State University, ChicoMarkMayo.jpg
I'm currently a grad student in N. Calif (CSU Chico) trying to figure out what to do for my MA Project. Have lived in South America (Argentina) for two years, and later taught Spanish to adults (1988-90). I've worked in business since then, but am making a career change to teaching ESL and/or Spanish at the post K-12 level. Right now, am a tutor (private and comm college) and substitute HS teacher.

Web 2.0 and authentic audio/video in the classroom are areas of great interest and current study. At one point in my business experience, I had my own little studio in Portland, Oregon for digital audio recording and editing (1995-97). Mostly created audio products for professional presenters, and did a Spanish-language radio show about Hispanic success & leadership in the United States. I'm looking forward to being part of this EVO learning experience. I don't have a website, but recently put a video summary of me student teaching on YouTube: Student Teaching Video Summary (4:45)
Brief Intro Video
Marta Rure
Computer Science Teacher from B. A.

Hi everybody:
I'm a teacher interested in introducing the use of video in my classes. I work at a primary school with children from 7 to 12 years old and I teach teachers as well.
This is our last experience in using ICT tools:

And this is the one I write about Podcasting:
This is my last birthday celebration with my family and
Erin Lowry
English Language Fellow Program
Centro Colombo Americano
Manizales, Colombia

Erin Lowry

I'm an English Language Fellow at the Colombo Americano in Manizales, Colombia. This is my third year as an ELF working at binational centers in Latin America (I was in El Salvador before this). I have my M.Ed. in TESL from the University of Cincinnati, but was a programmer before that.

My students for now are in-service teachers at the binational center and public schools in the state of Caldas. The focus of my projects in Colombia is mostly training these groups how to use technology with their students (, as well as helping the Colombo redesign its curriculum.

Personal blog:
Teaching & Tech blog:
I'll post my intro video once one of my teachers gives me back the Flip camera, but here's another video I did about ELF projects in El Salvador
Denise Maduli-Williams
ESL Instructor
City College of San Francisco
Hi Everyone!

I've been involved in the field of ESL for about 15 years now. I just came on as faculty member at the City College of SF (Chinatown/North Beach Campus) this August. We just moved here from Chicago so you can imagine how much we are enjoying the so-called "winter" here. Today it was 74 degrees.

I earned a M.A. in TESOL from Columbia University, Teachers College. My professional ESL experience includes teaching inmates in a California prison, adults in language institutes in San Francisco, junior secondary students as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana, high school students in New York City public schools, and college students in Chicago at Harold Washington College. I also directed a summer ESL language program in Holland and was the Education Director of the Michael Mao Dance Company's ESLdance Project in New York City.

For the past four or so years in Chicago, I was teaching advanced credit ESL in a studio classroom setting (imagine how spoiled I was!) as well as working towards teaching one of the first hybrid classes at the college when we moved. I intergrated wikis, blogs, glogs, Bb CMS, photostory, and used lots of other video and audio in my classes. Now, I teach noncredit ESL (lower level to advanced) in a computer lab. It's been an enormous adjustment learning how to teach ESL 1 and 2 through computers, but I'm loving every minute of it and can't wait to learn new tools here.

Current Class Webpage (A work in progress -- just got it up this week)
Denise's ESL

Last Semester's ESL Class Blog:
Spring 2008 Class Blog
I'll work on a video soon, until then, you can check out my family and I in Tahoe this past January.

Denise and Family in Tahoe
Fulya M
Şişli Terakki Foundation Schools
İstanbul, Turkey
Dear All,
I'm a grade 8 English teacher from Istanbul. I'm currently working at Terakki Foundation Schools. My previous teaching experience includes state high school, private and state(technical) universities.
My real experience with web.2.0 tools and technology started a year ago. I'm a computer-friendly person so I had made use of the Internet in my classes before that, but I never questioned myself as to why I'm using it.

Last year I started working at my present school with a group of educators who are very willing to integrate teachnology into their classrooms. It was time to question and take steps into this area in education. I read related books, websites, wikis and blogs and as a result I found out that there are people from all over the world waiting to collaborate like all of you.
First I created my ePortfolio to share my students' and my experiences with people across the world. Secondly, and most importantly, I started my classwiki. Most of my students got fully involved and it has been amazing to learn from and learn with my students. Some of my students created their blogs, videos, etc. We also involved with some international projects and competitions. I personally believe that we have taken our baby steps in becoming global citizens.
I'm very happy to be part of EVO Video 2009 as it's my first experience with EVO. I'm hoping that I will be able to collaborate with all the members of this Wiki as a consistent ongoing learner. My areas of interests are Bloom's Taxonomy and its integration with technology, wikis, blogging, podcasts, eportfolios and international projects.

Here is the link to my blog that I started a month ago so I'm still working on it.
Video will be added soon. Meanwhile, please watch the Bombay TV movie that one of my students created.

Jessica Cline
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
ESL Instructor
Hello everyone! I’ve always been interested in language and teaching, but about 7 years ago while I was working in Human Resources for one our hotel/casino, I got the opportunity to design and teach an ESL class for the employees. I loved it so much that I decided that the business sector might not be the place for me and I enrolled in the Masters program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I went on to complete my Med in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Post-secondary TESL.

I was fortunate enough to do my intern teaching under the director of the English Language Center here and was offered a position after graduation and I’ve been teaching here ever since. I love learning about new ways of using technology for educational purposes and I’ve been unofficially dubbed the resident techie of our department.

I am posting a short video that I took when my husband and I watched the running of the bulls in Pamplona a few summers ago before we headed out on the Camino de Santiago. I will try to film a short intro video and get it posted soon. Nice to meet all of you and I look forward to participating in all of the activities over the next few weeks and getting to know you all better.
Running of the Bulls
Ludmila Kovalenko
English language teacher
Krasnoyarsk Secondary school # 92

Hello everyone,
My name is Ludmila Kovalenko. I live in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. I graduated from the Department of History and the English Language of Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University in 1997 and started working as an English language teacher at Krasnoyarsk secondary school №92. I work at school with 13-17 aged students. I’m interested in using ICT very much. Last year we completed e-mail exchange project between my students and students from Italy. It was a great experience. During that project we used a lot of technologies for communication. Also I work as a tutor of Distance in-service course for English language teachers in Krasnoyarsk region in Russia and I’m moderating an online course for English language teachers on Moodle.
I like teaching but frankly speaking I like learning much more than teaching. I’d like to learn more about using video in ELT and I’m happy to have a chance to learn with you all.
You can find my video introduction on youtube:
(it was my first experience of uploding video to a video sharing site)
Andrea Henderson
French Teacher
Elkins High School
Missouri City, Texas

Hello everyone,
I teach French at a high school near the Houston area and after 23 years I am still in love with teaching. As well as teaching French, I have taught English and Reading through the years.
I use video in my courses on an almost daily basis. My textbook has an excellent DVD program and I show news clips and other authentic video in class as well.
I have been blogging with my students for a year now and I am learning every day. My blog Les Chevaliers du Château des Champions is a work in progress. I use my blog mainly for formative assessment so the student samples are not always polished final works.

My upper level students have been requesting a video project and while I have done videos with students in the past, I look forward to learning new techniques and to incoporate video as effectively as possible in my classroom.
My video is coming soon!