There are some Wiki pages that I regularly check as they have up-to-date links and information related to Web.2.0 tools.

1- Cooltoolsforschools is a great Wiki directory. I have been a member for almost 6 months and there are links to great websites and tools for videos, polls, presentations,etc. It is regularly updated,too.

2- Gettingtrickywithwikis is also a great wiki where you can get tips to make your Wiki look more interesting. It is of a big help as I'm not very good at HTML codes but the instructions are very clear to follow.

3- In Australia and New Zealand, there are a lot of scholars, schools and teachers that I have learned a lot from, too. They are always ready to collaborate and I again regularly check their projects and things they do as to Web.2.0. Rotorua East Lakes Learning Community is one of them.


I decided to use as a wall paper in my class Wiki so I prepared a lesson plan to teach how to create a Glog. Then I created personal student wiki pages within our class wiki and put the links on the Navigation bar. The students embeded their wall papers into their personal wiki pages. I only set general wiki rules to make this experience fun for all of us so the result was interesting. Some students used their personal page to reflect on our projects and topics while some used it to share their life and hobbies. One of my students even created a video on Glogster showing how to embed a Glog on Wikispaces but as they often change their Glogs, I can't share that example now.

One of my students, Dilara, took it to the next level, and used Wix to create her wall paper. (Wix was just a suggestion in the class) Then she also created her own page on Weebly. As far as I'm concerned, Weebly is a lot easier but more range of tools on Wix.


Ege's page
He prefers to share his computer work with everyone and has a word of the week
section that he changes regularly.
Alara's page
She prefers to reflect on the work we do in the class and changes the photos according to our new topic.
Dilara's page
She used Wix for her Wiki page. Her posting change acording to our topics and projects,too.
Dilara's blog
She created this blog page after posting a few comments on other schools' blogs. She also got reflections from her parents about her work.

On our common Wiki page, I regularly change the postings,too according to our topic. I email the class a week before and let them know the new topic. I also ask them to come up with a project so getting them involved in their learning process makes them feel more confident.

I make use of Discussion part a lot. I start discussions, put up games&webquests, competitions and make announcements.