This video was made on my digital (still) camera, and totally edited on JumpCut with the addition of stills and sound found copyright-free online. JumpCut is super easy to use, and functions much like iMovie (Apple) or Windows Movie Maker. However, I found it easier to lengthen or shorten the stills until everything fit within the time frame afforded by the sound--sound is very difficult to edit. Getting the sound right took the most time.

My intent was to capture the flavor of the day. I can envision something like this project for students to produce. They might take on something school-wide, such as Homecoming, or something just for the classroom, like small group drama, which I used to use with my English literature students. Some students could take still photos and video to mash-up, others find sound files (e.g., at Jamendo, which is copyright-free), some do the pre-planning and organizing, some do the editing.