Adding your personal page to our wikispace is pretty straightforward.

Creating a New Page

Click on the >New Page button under the Actions list in the sidebar:


A separate window will open, asking for the name of the page. Be sure to name the page with your own name (spaces are OK).


Click the >Create button and an empty page will open in the editor mode. The icons of the editor tool bar are fairly recognizable, and if you run your mouse over them an explanation will appear. The >Text Editor button will allow you to see the page in wiki code, for example, to edit tables.


Using the Link icon

Wiki conventions

The >Link icon (globe with chain link) link_icon.jpg defaults to a wiki page, so be sure to click the >External Link radio button in the window as below:

Wiki Link defaults to local page

Link set to external http://

Wikispaces has a great >Help menu, so don't hesitate to use it. Use the >Save draft button at the bottom of the screen. Then go to the >Help link in the uppermost part of the page.

Editing the Sidebar

To add your new page to our sidebar, click on the >edit navigation link at the bottom of the sidebar. When you type the name of your page and click on the >link icon, as above, the default is to chose a wiki page. You should find your page name in the list. If you have any problems with editing the sidebar, just let us know and we'll help out!

Adding a ToC

To add a table of contents to your page (if it is long and divided into several parts), go to our help file at Adding a Table of Contents.