A Table of Contents (TOC) can be very handy on a long page because it will help your readers find what they want quickly.

You can open your wiki in a new window or browser tab and keep this page open as you follow the directions.

To create a Table of Contents on any page in Wikispaces, first click on the >Edit Page button. Be sure the headings you want are designated from the font/style selection pull-down menu as Heading 1...6, rather than as Normal text.

In the Edit menu, place your cursor where you want the TOC to go (usually at the top right of a page), and click on the widget icon:


A list of widgets will open up. Select Wikispaces:


The first link will be Table of Contents:


A short explanation will appear. Click on >Embed Table of Contents to complete the task.


Your Table of Contents will show up as

Table of Contents

until you >SAVE the page.

Remember, all lines that designated as Headings will show up in your TOC. Headings that are larger numbers, e.g., Heading 3, will be indented under the smaller ones (e.g., Heading 1). You may have to adjust your designation to get the look you want in the TOC.