Welcome to the EVO Video 2009 session!

This session will help teachers of EFL/ESL develop lesson plans for video projects to use with their students of various levels. It will give teachers a chance to try out ideas and share problems, resources, and successes in using video. Participants will need a video camera (or digital photo camera with video capacity) and some familiarity with easy-to-use, free video editing tools. Some technical help will be available, but the focus will be on pedagogy and lesson development rather than the technical aspects of video production.

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  • More resources for video production and editing, slideshows, etc., are collected at EVOVideo Archives. Please feel free to add your favorites to the collection.
  • Also, please note that we will have weekly guest speakers. Their visits will be conducted on Elluminate. To be able to join the visits online, you will first need to join the Learning Times community (LT) http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes. Do this well in advance of the visits (one day ahead of time, for example). Under "Resources" on the navigation bar at the left, click the link Sign in Elluminate for further instructions and information on signing into Elluminate for the guest visits.

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